Security and Privacy are very important to us. All files that were uploaded are always deleted after the report is generated.

We do not keep any content of the files. We only keep the file names (for reporting purposes) and the counts of the checks generator have done.

Here you can see a piece of the Demo Report Database data we store.

Processing Results

  • Item    The check that was done, and present in your manuscript.
  • ItemCount    The number of times it was present in that file of your manuscript
  • FileName    The file where the problem is present.
  • UserId    To which user the results belong to.
  • ReportId    To which report the results belong to.

Furthermore, reports can also be deleted. Members have full control over their results.

You can read more about our "Terms and Conditions", "Private Policy", and "Refund Policy".
No, no-one can see any reports besides their own. It’s only the Demo Report that’s open for everyone and can be viewed without being logged in.

Security and Privacy are very important to us.

The paths where the files are temporarily stored while the processor runs is not visible, and should anyone do try to snoop, they will receive the following warning from the server.

File Access

Should anyone try to manually change the URL of the page:

Report URL

Will receive the following warning from the server.

Not Your Report

On all accounts a security message and flag is logged and raised for the staff members, so we are monitoring everything.
Yes, for sure. When registering, all members get 1 free Trial Report to test the Self-Editing Assessment Report Tool.

After you logged in you will see you have a balance when you are on your Dashboard.

Report Balance

Note:    For a Trial report, it’s limited to less than 5000 words, no matter how long your file content has been. This, however, is not limited to the checks, your file will be processed against all checks - so you will indeed get to see if the report works for you.
When you upgrade to an "Author Website" membership package, the amount you paid for your premium membership will be added on the order as a discount. Do note this is the paid amount. If you have purchased a membership package on a promotion, only the amount you paid will be added as a discount.

The upgrade process for the "Author Website" page will work as follows:

  • On the membership dashboard, on the top menu go to Change Membership, then select the "Author Website" package. It will now be added to your shopping cart.
  • Then go to your shopping cart, and make sure the discount reflects before you proceed with the checkout.
  • If your order is correct, proceed with the checkout.
  • After we have received your payment, the process on our side will begin to set up the website.
When you already have a website in place, but would like to move over to our "Author Website" membership package, it will work as follows:

The upgrade process for the "Author Website" page will work as follows:

  • We will use the domain you already have, unless it’s not a personalised one (example you have a website with Wix, and wix is part of the domain.
  • We will let you know when it’s time to update your domain DNS (we will provide guides on how to do this) - or do it for you.
  • We unfortunately cannot use the web host you already have, our system links to our main database, and it will only work on a windows hosting package.
  • Your website will be done on a new web host.
  • Backing up your current web site would depend on what you have and where it’s hosted - but we can assist with that.
  • It’s best to contact us first so we can see what you have - and what needs to be done, and so on.
Not from us! There will be a process you can follow on the guidelines we will share - on how to sign up for your google ads account and how to add it. This is completely optional.

We will however, automate that process for you as much as possible.

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