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It’s here! Our second “Christmas” sale is here. This year we want to give give give! 20% of all sales through this Campaign will be donated to “Rescue Is Life”. It’s that time of the year where animal organizations are overwhelmed with rescues and low funds.

Author’s Network

2019 has been a snowstorm for Premium Members, so this day is the PERFECT day to secure your “Gold” lifetime premium membership. You will have unlimited access to our “Author’s Network”, you will also receive 11 items free with a value of $34.90.

“Valour Of Writing” is worth investing in for your writing.

Who Will Benefit With Premium Membership?

  • Any writers.
  • Writers who offer writing services to others.
  • Freelancers who offer services to writers.

Release Date

Our first phase is planned to go live by New Year’s day. This is where our current Members Area for Premium Users will be moved over will one or two extra tools released. More tools and functions (all new) will be released by March - hopefully much sooner than that. We’ve been working whole year on this system and the “Author’s Website” system.

Rescue Is Life

“Rescue Is Life” is a South African Non-Profit that, like many others, rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals. Being a South African organization, they cannot use functions like Facebook Fundraiser tools, it’s simply not available for South Africa. Nor does the government give grants. They, like many others, rely on donations.

Giving a % of our new orders are the only way we can help, and we do want to help.


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