by Constance Amatey

Writing when you are Depressed

2019-05-16 0 4 29

Writers are some of the most amazing people that you’ll ever meet in your life. You could be writing a personal blog, articles for the local daily, writing for art in the form of poetry or stories etc. These short snippets of words make a writer a true artist, but it’s sad to find that studies show most writers are depressed or face anxiety.

by Constance Amatey

Traditional, Self-Publishing or Vanity Press?

2019-03-04 0 0 38

One important step in the writing process is publishing. It takes a lot of effort to put your writing together, but it takes a lot more effort to put the books on the shelves. The success of your book does not rely only on the content. It also depends on how it gets presented to readers.

by Blake Pieck

Miniature Library

2019-01-25 0 0 47 Author Website  

Have and build your own miniature library. What more do I have to say besides that to get your attention?

by Web Admin

Black Friday 2018

2018-11-21 0 0 9

It’s here! Our very first Black Friay. Never thought our journey would come this far. 2018 has been a huge snowball.

by Blake Pieck

It’s a DRAGON!

2018-11-10 0 0 117 Author Website  

Seriously it is! If you don’t love dragons, castles, fantasy or Medieval this post is not for you..

by Blake Pieck

3D Book Cover Templates

2018-07-26 0 0 35

Have you ever reached the point where you manuscript is ready to be released but you have no way to make it look attractive when you want to advertise/market it? You see all these amazing advertisement pictures from other writers, but how to get there yourself?.