About Valour Of Writing

Our Focus


We have tools and systems to help Authors with their writing, marketing and earning money.


We have started on a few tools, and plenty more in the pipeline, that would help Authors with writing. Planning, speed writing that first draft and more.

   Research and Resources

Writing the first draft is easy if you know what you are writing about, often we want to write about something we don't know much about. We also have started on a few tools, and more in the pipeline to approach this in a different way.


Our favorite, the very first department Valour Of Writing came to be. We have plenty of tools released and many more in the development to help writers get it right after all the hard work they've been through to write that story.

   Publishing & RPG

Starting in 2020. We have a very unique idea of how we want to approach a system for publishers and authors. And for Author's to make extra money with their characters, we have the upcoming “Role Playing Game”

Our Mission

Writing is hard work. It can also be a very lonely career if you don't have a support structure. We want to be that Support Structure. Inspire, motivate and help writers go for it, and become better at it. We want to help guide from start to finish. From writing your first draft to submitting your first submission. No one understands better than another writer!

Our History

A part of Valour of Writing started in June 2017, when author Blake Pieck build herself a Research, Dictionary and Template building portal to help with her writing. Using both things she loves. Expanding her Software Programming skills and Writing.

In October 2017 she wanted to self-edit her novel “War of Giant Fires” again, after completing more writing courses, to apply what she has learned. The novel was finished in 2008 and already undergone five self-editing phases at the time. She always felt things still weren’t right and never continued with the publishing phase. You are your own worst critic! A good thing too, to her, it was shocking that a novel that has already undergone five self-editing phases – still had so many mistakes after running it through the first version of the generator.

“I’ve been doing writing courses for years and even though I learn a great deal, it has always dawned on me how to remember all the "don’ts". I'm an analytical person and I may even overthink things often, it's just one of my quirks. However, I've tried different ways to make lists for myself to help and when I had to apply it - it wasn't easy and many mistakes went unnoticed. Maybe it was because I’ve tried to edit it so many times that I’ve gained a blind eye to all the mistakes.

One of the main concern for me was to check for clichés. In each and every course I've done, it has been mentioned several times to avoid using clichés. Even if it's not "really" wrong to use it - I'd rather not, if it was preferred so. I really wanted to do it right. Even after getting cliché reference books - to search for 4000+ phrases to any size of book seemed impossible. To remember them all to never use it, even more impossible.

The report assessment generator started when the idea came to me to try and use my skills as a software developer for my writing. To build a database and program to help checking for clichés. I have been making words and phrases lists for more than a decade, and I finally came to a point where I can use them all effectively. The database - as well as the processing file functionality was built to check for clichés. When it worked I realized that I've made my self-editing life a lot easier and faster. To instantly know where and how many times I've made the mistake - really made a huge difference for me. From there the generator grew to check for all the other ‘common mistakes’ and the rest is history.”

When she saw the value it could give writers, she designed and programmed the system to make it available for the public. What was thought it would be the only thing and thus was labled "Valour Of Writing - The Self-Editing Assessment Report Tool", the entire system just snowballed. It changed into "Valour Of Writing - Resources and Research Center for Writers". Everything she wanted to build for herself, she's building for other writers as well. She didn't want to ask money for anything (have free and premiums), however, designing, programming and web hosting is not free, the fees is just to keep the "lights on" - and to hopefully hire freelancers to build modules still outstanding and write SEO articles. HUGE plans for Valour Of Writing

The Research, Dictionary and Template building portal is currently undergoing a redesign for publich use. It just hasn't been a priority for 2018. 2019 will bring everything together!