Writers empower writers. The "Author Network" is the place for writers, and people offering services writers can use. A system designed for writers by a writer. Be connected to a Network with other writers.

Our current Member’s only dashboard/admin panel will be moved, improved and upgraded and turned into the network. Once you log in, and are a Premium User you will automatically be redirected to the "Author Network", if you only have a free membership account you will only access our current member’s section, which will be downgraded (all premium features will be removed).

The tool is currently on version 1.1

All our tools and features will be on the network, with much more. This is only the beginning - much is planned.

Pictures at bottom of the page, more coming soon!

Stats    Availability

  • Free memberships will have 24 hour access - on request only - as a trial.
  • For Silver, Gold, and Author Premium Members only.

The Process


Sign Up or Upgrade

You need to sign up with the "Author" Package.



After payment has been made, you will receive an email from a staff member with all the guideline documents an contract. (It's just a basic contract to make sure you understand everything.) And which domain you would like.



You will receive a que number or a date when your website will be implemented. Normally it would take 2-3 working days, but it would depend on how many websites we have to set up.



Once your website is up, you need to go through the guidelines to make sure all the features you want are configured correctly and are set to active.
Set up your Bio, Social Media links, policies and so forth.


Ready for Business

Your website is then ready for visitors. Nothing else is needed.



You will receive notifications once new features are available for you to make active and setup.


Features / Pages

  • Home Page - Wide and Narrow Sliders. Tagline/Quote. Latest posts/news. Latest Book Release.
  • About Page - About the author, Bio, Social Media Links..
  • Blog Page - Blog Posts, Articles, News. Guest Posts. Classic View (available)..
  • Products Page - E-Commerce - sell all your products.
  • Help Page - FAQ, Tutorials (Video or Step by Step)..
  • Contact Page - Email Author..
  • "After Log In User" Page - Support Tickets, Orders, Invoices..
  • Login Page - Where any of our users can log in, to make orders and payments to the author..
  • Register Page - Visitors can register for an account with us, system owner will get commission for registrations..
  • On All Pages - Newsletter Signup (for the author and not for us) - build your own audience..

Will be available on later upgrades.

  • Blog Page - Magazine View.
  • Landing Pages - For each book release.
  • Book Launches - For each book release.
  • Learning - Offer courses.
  • Own Forum / Community platform.
  • And much, much more.

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard - Notifications, to see all your stats, sales, expenses and much more.
  • Settings & Configurations - Manage all the features you want active. Manage the themes and page layouts.
  • Your Writing - Use all our writing and editing - will not display on your website. Search and Hire freelancers (editors, Illustrators and more).
  • Knowledgebase - Resources & References. Access our dictionaries. Have access to our publishers database.
  • Monetisation - Manage your products, sales and commissions. Set up Affiliates. Buy from other authors in the network. Set up sales goals. Track your income and expenses. Offer writing courses.
  • Gamification - Achieve challenges and goals. Participat in the network and write your books. All of these can earn you Badges, Credit, XP Points and Titles.
  • Learning - Have access to courses. Create your own, make it available to other writers (for free or for a fee).
  • Marketing - Audience building with your newsletter signups. You will also have access to our database of 3756 email adres collections (optional to use).
  • Support - You will be able to log support tickets and keep track thereof. Manage support tickets log to you.
  • Author's Network - Buy, review other author's books in the network. Access the calendar with writing events (also add events - for public of private use).. Community and Forums. All access directly on your own website!
  • And much, much more.


  • You will be able to write and submit Guest Posts to other authors in our network. Will have to be approved first.
  • You will be able to manage all your Guest Posts.


  • E-Commerce - Sell your books and products, on the network, which means they will also appear in other Writer's Admin Panels to buy and review - and you will receive more expore. We unfortunately have to keep 5% for paypal fee's - to make Parallel Payments.
  • You can mark your products Free for the Network (for for public), which means they will free to all author's in the Network (for promotions, review campaigns, etc).
  • You can create a gift voucher (per product) to any specific user - who will then have access to your product for free. This can be used if you want to run a competitions and campaigns to give free copies, or simply when you want to request a review.
  • Gamification Commission - If you take part in the "Role Playing Game", you will be able to earn even more.
  • All commissions and earnings earned during each month will be paid on the first day of the next month into your paypal account.


  • Your user account will be your play ground! Earn Badges, Credit, XP Points and Titles by simply participating and writing your books.
  • You will be able to enter your books and characters into our "Role Playing Game".

Security & Support

  • NO content of books/stories or files will be stored on the system when you've used our Writing or Editing tools - nor shall they be visible to other users.
  • Only premium users will be allowed into the network.
  • You can log support tickets for anything, and manage your tickets.


  • You will receive a step by step guide on "How the network works" - and how each feature can help you.
  • You will receive a step by step guide on "How the network can work for your writing / marketing" - privately.
  • You will receive a step by step guide on "How to improve your social media" setup.
  • You will receive a step by step guide on "How to improve your profiles on other writing communities" (ex: Goodreads, Smashwords).
  • You will receive a step by step guide on "How to self-publish".
  • And much more.

Pictures - Print Screens

Not all pictures has been added yet. Pictures excludes headers, footers and navigation bar. These will be different between the Author Network and Author Website.


Coming Soon
Not all pictures has been added yet. Pictures excludes headers, footers and navigation bar. These will be different between the Author Network and Author Website.

Self-Editing Assessment Report - Editing Tool

Cliche Checker - Editing Tool

Show Mistakes - Editing Tool

Dictionaries - Research Tool


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