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The "Role Playing Game" portal is for writers to add the worlds and characters they created and enter our world of role play with their characters.

The more funds we can raise through our membership packages the sooner we can start on this. It will take a lot of funds to complete this project, as it's visual with graphics and art - which we will need to commission out. Additionally, you can donate.

Donators will be on the hall of fame on the RPG site, and much more. If you have any membership account already, and you donate, you will have access to the Game as an investor.

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The concept was created in February 2017 when I wanted to create a unique Role-Playing portal for my characters and have a very unique way to advertise my books and hopefully generate extra income. Especially since I would be going the self-publishing route. People need a place to break free from the reality of this world.

Writers spend so much time, love, patience, effort, and passion into creating interesting and wonderful characters. Not to mention the environments and the story plots. Now they can use it all to not only have fun and create interesting storylines for their characters but to advertise their books and expose themselves as writers. All they have to do is activate the character they've already created for their writing project and the character will automatically be in the game. So while they are building and creating their characters and stories, they can already play without reposting any information.


  • Authors will get exposure and have a fun way to promote their books and characters (people fall in love with characters).
  • The Characters belongs to a "Universe" (author's book).
  • Earn real money from their Character's game time.


We hope to have raised enough funds to start end of July 2020.

  • Have an illustrator design the unique Game interface of all the pages and objects.
  • Hire a freelance game developer to team up with our developer and start developing.

A game is visual with graphics and art and interaction. It will take a lot of funds to get this into play time.

Mission Statement

  • For Writers to earn money from their characters as well.
  • To get more exposure to their books and generate more sales.
  • Be INSPIRED to write!

How will writers earn money?

Through all the in-app purchases that’s allocated to your character. The higher the character’s score, XP points and health the higher the % you can earn.

It will start at 5% and can go up to 50% - the rest will be used for art work and keeping the lights on and marking.

How will writers gain more exposure?

  • Characters! The players will need to get to know the character to best use them in the game. Through this they will get to know the “universe” (your book) the character is from.
  • If people fall in love with the character they will want to read the story!
  • Also, through advertisement on the website where the books will randomly be featured – at no extra cost!

Questions and Answers

Is this RPG portal only for writers?
No! Only writers can enter their characters, everyone/anyone can play!

If the concept was created in February 2017 already, why the long wait?
I was hoping to get this off the ground on my own and with savings. But being a single mother and the crazy economy, that's nearly impossible. Now I'm trying other routes. I truly believe in this project and that it can help all writers earn more money above book sales.

Is only characters from books allowed to be entered?
No! Films and TV series all start with a script written by a writer!

Will well known and loved books and author character's be available to play?
We would LOVE to get them on board! It all starts with a dream! Of course players would love to play with their favourite book or film character. It depends on how well the marketing and word of mouth will be.

Have any questions, contact us.

Want to follow the progress and release?



How The Game Will Work

This would only be the start...


A player need anyone of our membership packages (including free) to start playing. It would work like any other game, except for a few unique additions. Only writers can enter their characters for players to select. Writers can be players too.


There will be two levels in the game for a user. A player level and a character level (or shall I say sections). Points, ranks, etc… will be based on two levels. The player and the character. Each will have their own “score board”


  • A player will start off with a few basics, which he/she can allocate to a character, ex: coins.
  • A player will also gain their own XP points and might even enter the high scores, or top 10. Players can earn and win badges and much more. The more you have your characters interact and take part in the game the more score you will get – and the character as well.


  • Any kind of character can be entered! Even non-human ones. This is where the fun starts.
  • Each character will start off with the basics. A few coins, equipment, food and so forth (depending on the character’s profession and personality).
  • Characters need to gain XP points to level up. The higher the level the higher the % of income/commission/royalties the writer gets.
  • To gain points, the characters needs to complete tasks, join events, and overcome challenges. They might even enter the high scores, or top 10. Characters can earn and win badges and much more.
  • Characters can be killed, robbed and get lost – so take good care of them. In case of this – the character could only lose a few points or so, they will not be removed from the realm – never! It’s all about obstacles and challenges.

For now, there will be two kinds of characters a player will have.


Each player will only be able to claim one character he/she can choose. The more challenges and events, and things you do with your character the higher your player points and ranking will become.


Each player will get an additional character the system will allocate for a limited time. The character needs to complete something before the character will be released. The more rotation characters you go through the higher your player points and ranking will become.

Missions, Quests, Events, Challenges…

  • Each player can have their characters join any of the above voluntarily. Each player will be challenged to complete something, by either the system or another character.
  • After a certain level in XP points, the characters will be able to do something to another character. It can be good or bad. Give them a challenge or obstacle to overcome! Ex. Loot, poison, kidnap, or even sent a gift etc.
  • Sent your characters on quests, missions and even face challenges with other characters created by other writers. To see what storyline the character would end up with, that would automatically generate with all the things the character does..
  • Characters will also automatically be sent on missions, etc as well and everything your character goes through a storyline will generate. It will be fun to read the storyline - it could be a story on its own.

Have The Skills?

Have any Illustration, animation, Game Developing skills? Would you like to get involved? Contact us.

However, our list of freelancers will first be considered, even if that part of our system isn't live yet.

By the powers that may be... If there are anyone who would like to volunteer? Contact us. We are doing this for writers, for the passion writers have for writing. For the struggles writers face to make an income. Valour Of Writing comes from a writer , "I UNDERSTAND"!


Just a drop in the wishlist bucket - to fulfill with funds.

  • Commission a unique game like User Interface.    About $800.
  • Buy or commission tons of specific game icons (food, weapons, etc).    About $30 an icon (if we commission).
  • Hire an extra freelance developer to speed up the process, and they charge per hour.    About $10 800 a month.
  • Unique and own Domain and Hosting.    About $380 a year for 3 packages - this is already for a private owned server by someone we are using for Valour Of Writing. (RPG, Admin, Support - if we won't end up needing our own server, but doubt it, we are already on our own server - kind of.).
  • Tons of other graphics and art to be commissioned to Illustrators.    About $160 per item.
  • Hire support consultants.    About $5 400 a month.
  • Marketing - to get players and writers onboard.

How To Donate


These mockups have been made in 2017 and will change when we started to build the portal. These are just some of the main ones. There will be more - screens needed.

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  • Will be able to play unlimited.

  • Will be able to play unlimited.
  • Will be able to enter their books and characters into the game.
  • And much more.


Our progress so far...

  • 2018-12-03.    Signed up for two game development courses through Udemy. This is to upskill our developer.
  • 2018-11-22.    Signed up for a crowdfunding campaign.