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The "Word Counter Profile" tool is easy to use and can help you a great deal with the self-editing phase of your manuscript. The tool is constantly upgraded, updated and improved.

The "Word Counter Profile" is currently on version 2.2
Last Updated On: 13/02/2020

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  • Open for all members.
  • Only Premium members can link the results to other tools.

Fast & Effective

Your manuscript's words will be counted with a click of a button and you will have your results.

Available Online

No download or installations, you can access this tool from anywhere.


Word Counting

Counting all your words in your manuscript per file/chapter.


Cliché Profile can be linked to the Self-Editing Assessment Report.

Cliché Profile can be linked to the Writing Projects. For Author Website and Author Network only (premium users).


Results can be displayed online in detail.                                                                                 


Results can be exported in a printable document.   Export the demo document.

The Process


Have An Account

You need to have an account and logged in , to be able to use the tool.


Prepare your Files

You need to save your manuscript as a text file. We recommend you use our Prepare Files tool. To get the best result through our tools, save each chapter as a file.


Create A Profile

Now you are ready to Create your first profile. Just follow the process, and wait for the system to automatically redirects you to the "View Results" page.


Link To Other Tools

The "Word Counter" allowes you to link your results to a Self-Editing Assessment Report . This is optional.

However, you need to generate a report first.


View Results

You will automatically be redirected to the results page once the processing is done. Here you can also "Export Unresolved Results" to use as a guide to edit your manuscript.

Pictures - Print Screens

Tool will change once the Author Network and Author Website goes live.

View Old Profiles
Create New Profile
Link to Tools
Upload Files
Confirm Profile Details
View Results
View Results
Not all pictures has been added yet. Pictures excludes headers, footers and navigation bar. These will be different between the Author Network and Author Website.

Word Counter Report - Editing Tool

This process is only for the Author Network and Author Website.

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