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Christmas Sale 2019

2019-12-18 0 0 1092

It’s here! Our second “Christmas” sale is here. This year we want to give give give! 20% of all sales through this Campaign will be donated to “Rescue Is Life”.

Valour Of Writing

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

2019-12-09 0 0 0

It’s here! Our second “Black Friday”, and first “Cyber Monday” is here. 2019 has seen great expansion. 2020 will even be bigger.

Blake Pieck

Self-Study the Art of Writing

2019-10-07 0 0 113

In addition to my previous post 5 Writing Courses, Self-Study can in many ways be just as powerful as doing writing courses.

Constance Amatey

Book Sizes for Printing

2019-09-23 0 0 129

Knowing the size of your book helps you to identify the cost involved in printing the book. That means that figuring out the book size at the earlier stages will help you plan very well.

Valour Of Writing

2019 Upgrades

2019-08-29 0 0 0

With 2019 already in full swing, what lies ahead this year at “Valour Of Writing” for writers?

Blake Pieck

Different Study Courses

2019-08-29 0 0 81

In addition to my previous post “5 Writing Courses”, know what kind of course you are signing up for.

Blake Pieck

Creating your own 3D Book Cover

2019-07-30 0 0 0

When you go the "Self-Publish" route - one of the many things  you will have to do is your own marketing. For that, you need to create your own "graphics" to promote your books with. Don’t have any software? Don’t have any graphics skills?

Constance Amatey

Writing when you are Depressed

2019-05-16 0 96 141

Writers are some of the most amazing people that you’ll ever meet in your life. You could be writing a personal blog, articles for the local daily, writing for art in the form of poetry or stories etc. These short snippets of words make a writer a true artist, but it’s sad to find that studies show most writers are depressed or face anxiety.

Blake Pieck

4 Stock Images - Book Cover Links

2019-03-04 0 0 120

In addition to a previous post and tutorial of mine "Creating your own 3D Book Cover". Here are 4 more links that writers can find helpful.

Blake Pieck

It’s a DRAGON!

2019-03-04 0 0 220 Author Website  

Seriously it is! If you don’t love dragons, castles, fantasy or Medieval this post is not for you..

Valour Of Writing

Black Friday 2018

2019-03-04 0 0 9

It’s here! Our very first Black Friay. Never thought our journey would come this far. 2018 has been a huge snowball.

Blake Pieck

4 Programs Writers can find Useful

2019-03-04 0 0 25 Author Website  

If writers have been writing for centuries without the help of technology, why should they start now?  The answer, you don’t need it to write.  However, it can make your life a lot easier, especially if you just start in this career (yes I said career, not hobby).